Our Family, Our Friends

Sponsors & Supporters

Lights on the Hill Trucking Incorporated would like to acknowledge and thank our Major sponsors and supporters for their generosity and continued support.

  • Brown and Hurley Toowoomba

  • Commodore Printing

  • Dixon Insurance

  • Fleetmark

  • Gatton Golf Club

  • Gatton Hawks Junior Rugby League

  • Gattonview Hotel

  • Ipswich City Council

  • Jost Australia

  • Laidley Lions Junior Rugby League

  • Lockyer Riding for the Disabled

  • Lockyer Valley Regional Council

  • Lockyer Waste Management

  • Mack Brisbane

  • Masterhire Gatton

  • McNamara & Associates

  • Nolans Interstate Transport

  • Owner Driver

  • Peartland

  • Queensland Police Service

  • Queensland Truck Centre

  • Rentco

  • Samios Tyres

  • VCV Brisbane

  • Walker Corporation

  • Westco

  • Western Traders

  • Westfarmers

  • Yvonne Forsyth
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If your business name is not shown here as a major sponsor or supporter and you believe it should, please contact us so we can add you name to the list and acknowledge your generous donation.