Our Family, Our Friends

Names on the Wall – O

These are the men, women and children whose names are placed proudly on the Memorial Wall. Please click a letter to see the surnames listed under that letter.



O’BRIEN Cecil James “Jim”
O’CARROLL Martin Joseph ‘Mo’ Section 4, Column 13 
O’DONNELL Kevin John ‘Lunch’ Section 1, Block C, Column 2
O’NEILL Anthony John “Ant”
O’NEILL William John ‘Bill’ Section 2, Block H, Column 1
O’ROURKE William Maurice ‘Bill’ Section 4, Column 16
O’RYAN Bernie Daniel ‘Boc’ Section 2, Block F, Column 3
O’SULLIVAN Sean Leslie James ‘Seano’ Section 4, Column 4
OATES Trevor Roy “Darcy”
OBERHARDT William Peter (Peter) ‘Putty Pete’ Section 2, Block I, Column 4
OLIVE Albert John Section 2, Block K, Column 3
OMMUNDSON David (Dave) John “Ommo”
ORANGE Cecil Joseph ‘CEC’ Section 2, Block I, Column 4
ORANGE Lawrence Percy “Lawrie”
ORDERS Shane Reginald
OTTO Graeme ‘Otto’ Section 4, Column 4
OTTO Neal Leslie Section 1, Block D, Column 2