Our Family, Our Friends

Memorial 2019

The Lights on the Hill committee would like to invite you to join us at the 2019 memorial service which will be held on 6th October commencing at 10am. 

Although there are two wreaths supplied, we encourage you to bring your own flowers (if you wish) to be laid during the service in memory of your loved one. As seating is limited we request you bring along a chair and umbrella for your comfort.

Spaces for trucks at the memorial wall is extremely limited so please contact lightsontheill@live.com.au if you are wanting to have your truck involved in the service. 

Applications to have your loved one added to the Memorial wall on 6th October 2019 are now being taken. All entries for the 2019 memorial service must be received by 31st July 2019 so the manufacturer has ample time to produce and attach the plaques prior to the service. 




For more information regarding the memorial please feel free to contact us by using the ‘contact us’ section on this website.

Names to be added to the wall 2019

David Alessandro KAPRA “Davo”

Frederick Christopher KURZ “Chris/Kurzy”

Jason William PHILLIPS “JJ”


Names added to the wall 2018

Kerry James BETTS “Tiny”

Deven BOWEN “Poppy”

Glenn BRETT “Grumpy”

Bevis Edward Noel COOK “Cookie”

Malcolm Gregory DE LA MOTHE “


Wayne GEIGER “Hairy”

James Theo GREY “Jimboy”

Leslie James HILL “Hilly”

Edgar Clifford JONES “Jonesy”

Joyce Betty JONES “Betty”

Christopher Ian Kerslake “Chris”

Lance Lloyd KIEHNE “Smiley”


Wayne Godfrey KING “Kingy”

Jeffrey Shane KOEHLER “Jeff”

Laurence Arthur LATHAM “Lozza”

Kelvin Ross LAVENDER “Kelly”

John Penn MATTHEWS “Stumpy”

Lindsay David MOBBS “Dave”

Justyn Ian MONTGOMERY “Mont”

Andrew MONTI “Chicko”

Trevor Melville NELSON

Evan William PEACH “Peachy”

Michael Dean ROWLEY “Mick”

Desmond George SCHMIDT “Dessy”

Graham John SHARPE “Sharpie”

Peter James SMITH

Adrian Colin STEHBENS “Kermit”

Gary Edward TAYLOR-PICK “The Larrakin Pom”

Kenneth John VELTHEIM “Sam”

John Coates WILLMAN “T.C” or “Tomcat”

Ian Craig WINTERS “Big E, Lurch, Mr Bellstone, Tourist”



May they all rest peacefully <3