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The Memorial

Lights on the Hill Truck & Coach drivers Memorial is a memorial wall for truck and coach drivers who have passed before their time. These people have contributed substantially to the Australian transport industry, and the wall is the organisations way of immortalising their sacrifices and triumphs in service to their country.

The memorial wall is situated within the transport hub of Gatton QLD in Lake Apex Park.

The Memorial

Memorial Service 2010- photo supplied with thanks from Mark Johnson

Over the years numerous volunteers have given their time to bring this wall to life for the families and mates of deceased drivers, so that they can all have somewhere to go to honour the memories of their loved one.

Each year truckies families and friends from around the country assemble before the memorial, to honour the drivers whose names will be added to the wall that year and whose names already reside there. This service is open to anyone to attend.

Nominations are now being taken to have a loved one added to wall at the 2019 service which will be held on 6th October 2019. Entries must be received by us by 31st July 2019 to enable the manufacturer ample time to produce and attach the plaques prior to the service.

Applications can be made by following the prompts via the memorial drop down menu on this website. 

To be approved for induction onto the memorial wall a person must fit into these categories Contributed substantially to the Australian Transport industry, and have passed away by other means , or has passed away in a truck or work related accident, or were a passenger who passed away in a truck accident.

Proof of the insriptee’s sacrifice to the Australian Transport Industry must be submitted at the time of application. We would also appreciate any images or newspaper clippings that you may be willing to submit to be uploaded with information pertaining to the inscriptee on our website or social media pages, or published in the next volume of “We Miss You Mate”. 

To ensure that all information pertaining to the incriptee is true and correct as of Oct 2017 we require proof of death (Death Certificate, obituary notice or newspaper article) and proof that you are either the direct next of kin or enduring power of attorney, or have written proof from either of those persons saying they approve of the application.  

 The Lights on the Hill committee would like to invite you to join us at the 2019 memorial service which will be held on 6th October commencing at 1000am.

Although there are two wreaths supplied, we encourage you to bring your own flowers (if you wish) to be laid during the service in memory of your loved one. As seating is limited we request you bring along a chair and umbrella for your comfort.