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Lights on the Hill Trucking Memorial Incorporated

Not for profit Organisation

Bank – Heritage Bank

Account Name – Lights on the Hill Trucking Memorial Inc.

BSB – 638-070

Account No. – 10728082 ( S21 for Heritage Bank users only)

Postal Address – P.O Box 11304 Centenary Heights 4350



The Annual General Meeting will be held 11am 17th February Cahill Park function room. The meeting will be followed by a general meeting. If you have items you wish to have added to the agenda please email the Secretary lightsonthehill@live.com.au

To date the current nominees for management positions are:- Pending…….

Financial members wanting to make a nomination for a position please have them to the secretary by Friday 8/2/19 @ 5pm via email lightsonthehill@live.com.au or post PO Box 11304 Centenary Heights 4350. 


All Patrons – Executives – Committee & Members are totally Voluntary 

Lights on the Hill Trucking Memorial Inc. IA35147 Registered Incorporated Non Profit Association

ABN 70 1286 461 75 (LOTH Inc.)

ACN- 26 6011 790 15 (LOTH Foundation)


AGM (Annual General Meeting) is held six months from the end of the financial year (30th June) each year. 

All Committee positions become vacant at this time, and nominations are taken in writing by either post or email to lightsonthehill@live.com.au. In the event that no nominations are received for a vacant position, nominations are then taken from the floor on the day of the meeting. 

The Management committee of Lights on the Hill Trucking Memorial Inc as of the Dec 2017 AGM is:

President – Simon Hawker

Vice President– Gary Simpson 

Secretary– Juanita Johnson

Treasurer– Karen Hawker 

Financial Statements are readily available to all financial members when requested in writing, and may also be posted on this website at any time.


All information is considered correct at the time of publishing, but is subject to change without notice, we advise you to keep informed of any changes that may appear to avoid any confusion or inconvenience. We endeavour to make the information provided as accurate as possible, at times we are provided with information from 3rd party sources and as such cannot guarantee that information to be correct.


Sponsorship Categories are pre-defined due to the commercial nature of sponsorship benefits, details are not made public, but can be obtained by prospectus by contacting us

Whilst benefits of sponsorship are offered we cannot guarantee the information provided by a commercial business is accurate or up to date. We will not use any information about any sponsor or commercial business without their sole written consent.

The opinions, views and standards of any commercial business or sponsor does not necessarily reflect the opinion, view or standards of any Lights on the Hill Trucking Memorial Inc. committee member or official.

If you would like anymore information please contact us at lightsonthehill@live.com.au