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Slim Dusty Foundation

slimThe Slim Dusty Foundation, as a charity, has ongoing fundraising to gather funds to build the Slim Dusty Centre which will be a museum built in Slim’s hometown of Kempsey to house the memorabilia collected by Slim and his wife Joy over 50 years on the road throughout Australia. This iconic museum will also be a means for up and coming country music stars to be awarded scholarships to promote their careers.

The funds that the Foundation receives are used to the massive task of building the museum. At the moment the Foundation are gathering funds to enter the Construction Certificate stage of the building process and then will need further funding to build the museum. Funding already raised has been used to purchase the land for the Centre as well as acquiring the DA from the council and having an innovative and exciting design drawn up. Ongoing funding is required to continue all these processes and to secure internal displays and equipment needed for the successful running of such a huge project.

We are proud and honoured to have Slim, Joy McKean and Anne Kirkpatrick as Patrons of the Lights on the Hill Memorial Wall.